Five Minutes to go

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My go to look at the momento.


elephant jumpsuit 3elephant jumpsuit 1elephant jumpsuit 2elephant jumpsuit 4


New look jumpsuit
The hat I never put down it may be superglued to my head.
Necklaces – Primark & Topshop

This is a messy look that took me about five minutes to get together because I had a very lazy day Saturday day that was spent in bed watching Orange is the New Black. I was meant to only watch one I swear. And then two. And then we wanted to see more of Alex Vause so we watched until episode four. And then well, we continued. But seriously, I wish my nipples tasted of marzipan.

By the time I had pulled myself out of bed and had some food I barely had any time to get ready so pulled on this jumpsuit and a hat and shoved on some lipstick. It’s my go to thing when really, I should be pampering my skin, washing my hair, and putting on some sort of sequinned dress and possibly sprinkle rose petals on myself. I even wore flats to go out.

And body butter makes you instantly smell gorgeous and I don’t have to faff around squeezing the scent from the unicorn tail. And I always find that creams stick around longer than perfume. Might have to tell Britney to sort that out and that I need it to last a bit longer than a cocktail and a gangdam style dance.

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Funday Sunday

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sunday 1sunday 3


New Look Dungaree Dress
Topshop Crop Top
Primark Necklace

Sometimes Sundays are just a day to do a bit of day drinking. If you ever saw me race to the off license 5 minutes before it shuts, you’d hire me for the getaway driver job in a bank heist straight away.

After what was a glorious Saturday night at Holla the night before, Sunday was a little delicate. But also, if you just get redrunk, you don’t even notice. It was another hot day which meant going outside was not one of my favourite things. There are bugs out there. And humans that you have to talk to. The best thing about a bit of day drinking too is that you sleep off the incoming hangover and can still function like other people on a Monday. I mean I still attempt to stab anyone who comes near me, but that’s how you have to act on the first day of the week.








Fairly Hot Weekend

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052 046 063 069

Yes we went to LoveBox. I went outside and everything.

So we went here last weekend. And it was rather fabulous. I apologize for the shakyness of the videos. The camera was drunk again.


Fancy Hair Party

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blue tit 1028 029 031 032
038blue tit 3


The Blue Tit Salons

Before the weekend where I drank so much my liver swam away, I was invited to a nice little civilised party in Blue Tit Salon which let me check them out for the first time.

This combined my two favourite things; getting my hair done by other people, and drinking fruit cocktails that feel like they’re doing good to my body as well as making my brain laugh. The owners have three salons altogether and we were at the one in Clapton. With it’s cool rustic door mirrors and hairdressers that look like they should be on the catwalk for vogue.

I got to have my hair done and he styled it a little differently pushing most of the bulk of it back and letting the front bit curl naturally. It was beautiful and lasted at least seven minutes. When I go outside I have to put my hair up because the heat makes me angry. Not as angry as people who invite me to play candy crush saga though. Those people make me want to run them over with a tram.

They were doing a tent in the VIP section of Lovebox and did a few lovely styles that I kept seeing all around. It’s easy to see styles that are amazing when yours looks like it’s been raked and sluiced in jelly. I may have put a tad too much hairspray. Just like with alcohol and ice cream, I always read the recommended portion size on the box then multiply it by 18.

The salon is a glorious place to get your hair done as a treat. Check them out here.

Favourites: NV Colour

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035 042 049 077 088


The new bright and shiny range from NV Colour

Bright lip products are always a win for me. They match my face because not much clashes with whiter than white skin. The crayon is glorious and glides onto your lips like you’ve just kissed a pile of butter and is just as shiny. And once it’s on it sticks on too. You know this is important to me if you read the blog often as I kiss girls and I like it and I need the lip products to stay on my face.

The lipstick is a colour I normally wouldn’t pick up but when I wore it out with a blouse that a blind librarian would probably pick up, it really made the outfit a lot cooler. This does come off a lot easier than the crayon but after a week of using, it looks like I haven’t used it at all. So of course I plan to wear it forever until I’m a granny still wearing said blouse and possibly working or trashing said library.

For me, blusher does not stay on my skin. So a cheek stick did not look promising. The equivalent of boys putting a sticker of a racing stripe on their Citroen; that shit accessory is not going to solve your problems. But this is a glorious product. It glides on perfectly and keeps your cheeks looking healthy, blushed to perfection and gives the illusion that you actually go outside. My new favourite product for a while I think.

Now of course I have these products I want to try out all the rest. It’s like this every time I go into a makeup store with a line of cosmetics that I really love. Like step aside basket, this is a job for trolley. This also applies to shoe floors and off licenses.

Check the whole range here 

Figure Out

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How to pack for a Festival

If you frequently visit London Festivals then you only have to bring yourself and some sun cream and you’ll pretty much be hunky dory before you make your merry way home on the tube to a lovingly comforting mattress. If however, you’re going to somewhere for the whole weekend, you’re going to need to pack right or you’ll be that drunk mess asking your neighbour for toilet roll and a penguin blanket.

Obviously you need your ticket.

Forgetting this is not wise unless you plan to jump the fence. And I wouldn’t. I heard the guards of these places have special Taser guns that immediately makes you like Justin Bieber songs.


Unless you plan to keep someone else company for the entire time. It seems a good idea until you both haven’t showered and one or both of your vaginas/penises smells like pond water.

Sleeping bag.

Or some sort of delightful cover for the night time. And don’t forget your teddy. I always have mine.

phone 088

Roll mat.

If you think the grass looks like a luxurious mattress for your weary bones, think again. It’s like chilling for eight hours on a kitchen counter.


These are now an ultimate fashion accessory and they don’t have to be boring. Get them in all sorts of colours or patterns or buy a vajazzle kit and go to town.


Your hair will become disgusting and look like it’s been deep fried. Cover it up.

2 or three simple outfits.

Now is not the time for stilletos/white bottoms/expensive wear. And it’s your call on the jumpsuit plan, I just do not like to be the one stripping down in a portaloo. That’s how you get pregnant.

Toilet roll.

As much as you can carry in your bag/pockets/socks/bra/mouth.

Sun cream.

Especially if you have pale skin. You think you’re going to enjoy jumping up and down to Katy B as much if there’s rolls of skin peeling off you.

Waterproof things.

We live in Britain. There’s around a 134% chance it’s already raining.


You’ll have one shower and suddenly you’d rather be chased through a dark woods by a clown then go again. And you will immediately switch to wiping yourself. See toilet roll description for quantity.


Because we all still want to look pretty. And if I don’t wear makeup I look similar to a zombie who scares children for fun and takes their dairylea triangles. Don’t bring glass bottles as they will be taken off you so leave your Hannah Montana perfume at home.

A thousand bobbles and two thousand hair pins. About.

Toiletries like toothbrush, aftersun, moisturizer etc.

Try and get bottles that are all quite different. When you’re off your tits in a dark tent do you really think you’ll notice yourself putting Vagisal on your toothbrush?


To see.


Enough for a tequila or eighty seven. Not enough that if you lose it you’ll have to sell your gold blue peter badge in order to carry on living.


Especially if you look about eight and you want to get served. Alternatively take the bag ut of a box of wine, chuck it under your top and coo past the security of how many days you have left before you’re due.

Frilly Collar

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collar 2 collar 1

Topshop spotty dress
H&M tshirt
New Look Necklace

I play with my hair all the time. It’s something I do when I’m feeling really awkward. And in front of a camera, I feel like an awkward signet trying to fit in with all the cool ducks who wear pink on Wednesdays.

Went out for a meal last night with a few of the people I’m starting a very cool new project with over the next few weeks. And it was actually hot in London. So this was the thinnest material I could find, but as you all know if you read my blog daily, my breasts have taken on the hobby of growing, and so all the buttons of my tops and dresses keep popping off and landing in inappropriate places. So since I was going out with people I had never met, I thought putting a Tshirt on over it would save people’s eyes being taken out.

Also I forget in the summer months that there are lots more bugs around. I got a fly stuck in my mouth. And incase you’re wondering if there’s any classy and sexy way to get a fly out of your mouth in public, there isn’t. You look like a dying hamster.


Frolics on a Saturday Night

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debbie 2debbie 1
White Topshop Dress
Mans shirt from Gap


I was meant to put up a Unicorn Disco review but the photos came out really bad. And by that, I mean I look like a bellend of epic drunk proportions. So on Saturday night, we headed to DEBBIE in Bethnal Green which has music that generally suits my purpose in life. It’s all Female fronted pop with some indie and disco thrown in for a good shaken up smoothie of songs. There’s only so many places you can twirl to Taylor Swift before doing a gentle swag to Missy Elliot.

The bar is cheap and it’s worth the queues because you get a lot of drink for what you ask for and you also get a chip to get a free one on your next round. So later on instead of scratching around at the bottom of your purse for pound coins, ten pences, skittles, or anything else that you can trade for alcohol, you smoothly hand them a chip like you’re in a casino. It’s the only time I will ever hold a casino chip, I have the luck of someone who just broke a mirror throwing it at a black cat who had crossed my path. Under a ladder. With spilt salt surrounding me.

As a ginger though, it was very hot. You couldn’t move in there for the heat. Hence why I have taken the pictures at home and not at the venue where I looked like I’d been deep fat fried. There also wasn’t as many girls there as I’d expected. But that’s where I think the heat came from; all the beards. And it just made me jealous. Because it’s going to take me a long time to catch up with them. So far I have two hairs on my chin. Luke and Leia.

We had a trashy fun drunken night and I would recommend this to anyone who wants to dance away the night. And it’s really nice to know everyone song and not have to stand in the corner humming and nodding your head like an awkward avocado.

Next DEBBIE night is a Kate Bush Special


Fitting in with the Cool Kids

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black dress


A night at Totem Bass

So this is one of those cool nights that cool people go to. So walking into this room was like joining a load of sunglasses emoji’s chilling to ‘sick beats’ while sipping on drinks so strong they could barely lift them.

One of our DJs from Missfit D’affro was part of putting this altogether alongside Noa Logan, IJ Sookie and Ola Omiye. With music like MIA, Major Lazor, The Party Squad DJ Sliiink, Dismantle, and DJ Chuckie it is not the usual Justin Tiberlake music I’m used to. But I enjoyed the music a lot ad twirled around in what I hope was a very cool manner. And I would have brought sexy back if I could have found the receipt.

It was a mixed night which we don’t often attend because there’s always that one guy who asks if he can partake in your sexual endeavours. The whole night was really chilled. Only one slightly off his man tits guy came up to us towards the end the night and forgot what the term lesbian meant so we Taylor Swiftly made our way home. Made me realize why I like being a girl. Girls can think about sex without their genitals making a guest appearance.

The new plan is to go to more cool nights like this one and less doing the tragedy moves in G.A.Y. And in this club there was lot of people in jumpsuits and I didn’t once get asked why I was wearing a onesie outside, so that pretty much counts for everything. And I managed to pull the whole “cool and I belong here” thing off too, until I fell down in the street.  I’ve never been that great with maths but I can tell you that a 23 year old running at 6 mph with 2 litres of tequila in her system flies 8.9 feet when she trips over her own heels.

Find out more about the night here

Favourites: Lipstick

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lipstick 1


Kate Moss Lipstick Shade 1

When you’re in a club, and when there’s tequila involved lipstick doesn’t really stay on your lips. It likes to smudge onto your teeth, cheeks and other people’s collars. But this one clings on like a bitter ex stalking your social life. And I love it.

This lipstick has held the bright red durable crown for a lot time. I keep trying other ones but then I find this at the bottom of my handbag rolling around with my gum and parking tickets. The range by Kate Moss has a huge range going right up to purple. I like number one as it seems to match my pale skin, it’s bright and preppy and and doesn’t make me look like a clown having a ‘moment.’

I can’t be reapplying lipstick all night when I’m working so this is a majestic range. And if you want to be kissing someone all night, this is the lipstick for you. I had to put some on today because I was wearing a white lace dress and white shoes and with my casper skin, it was all a bit too much white and I looked like I was off to play the tennis. Another game I don’t really understand; it’s like they’re not even trying to hit each other.

Figure Out Stuff

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How to get ready quickly.

There are often times when I just do not want to get up. This is called everyday. And when my phone wakes me up I will put it on vibrate. And then when it vibrates, I throw it agains the wall. And that crash is the cue for my flatmate to come and drag me from my glorious warm duvet cave and into the reality of the day. And by the time I’ve gone through this charade, I don’t have as much time as I need to get ready.

Mini Shower

Shove deodorant on and throw some water on to your face like they enthusiastically do on the skincare adverts when they’re pretending they’re having a fabulous time getting their entire bathroom soaked and drowning their cat in the process. This always makes me feel much more awake but it also puts me in the kind of mood that makes me want to kill my friends and family. Spritz dry shampoo on so people don’t think you’re nesting slugs in your roots and you’re all squeaky clean on the outside. Even if you feel as dirty as the sex you were having last night. In your head.



If you look on pintrest you will see a rows of pretty buns that are tagged under “messy”. This is a fictional world where if you turn your head upside down you will instantly transform yourself from drooling mess to chic goddess. Do something quick like a ponytail or straighten it and scream at the GHDs to hurry the fuck up when they take they’re long seven seconds to heat up. If you’ve got a fringe that will probably be sticking up making you look like a baby unicorn because life sucks, pin it back. Or consider chopping it off.

Make up

It helps if your makeup is somewhat organised. Mine is not and I can spend hours clawing through my drawers like a giraffe on heat. Concealer is a lot easier than foundation because you don’t need to blend it all in and lip tint can be used on your cheeks and to brighten your eyes too. Red Lipstick makes you look like you’ve spent years carving out the perfect outline of your lips when you’ve only spent a 37 seconds doing it in front of ThisMorning staring at Willoughby’s chest.


Plan Ahead

Something else I’m preaching without practising but having all your shit packed and ready to go will save you so much time. And you’ll avoid that awkward moment on the bus when you drop last night’s knickers trying to find your oyster card. Pack everything up including work, files, lunch, make up, yoghurt, spongebob snack pack, detailed plans on how to get revenge on your ex and any other vital things you will need during the day


Have one outfit that you know you can always wear. Whether it’s a dress that gives you an instant rack or those apple bottom jeans with those boots with the fur. If you know you look good in something you can instantly find it on the floordrobe and it saves stomping around like a toddler because it’s Friday and you can’t wear sweatpants otherwise you can’t sit with us.

Four out of Twelve

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004 010

 Sleek Makeup Palette Au Natural 601

When you work in a club environment, the makeup has normally made it’s way down your face and introduced itself to your white top by the time it hits ten pm. So I do search a lot for makeup that actually lasts and clings to your face like a girl who celebrates your week anniversary.

Like with a lot of cheap shadows, these ones were very soft and smudge easily, but once on the eye they don’t set nicely. The colours do look identical on the skin and in the palette. It can be really annoying when you’re thinking you’ve found the perfect lilac and on your eyes it looks like you were smacked in the face with a frying pan.

The coppery one I find looks lovely swept over another colour and you have instant shimmery eyes for when you want to impress your next door neighbour.  The soft grey was nice to smudge around the whole eye to give you that ‘I know what I’m doing with my face shit’ sort of look. So I’ll use about four of them at most I think. Which for me and my makeup palettes is really good. I don’t think I’ll use the bright ones like the yellow unless I end up at some sort of eighties rave. I’m keeping that and the feather bower, just for that possibility.

Fangirl Moment

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Heather Peace Album Launch

hp 3 hp 2 hp 1 hp 4

I think I slated Heather’s first album on a video somewhere on the internet in which I used the words “I liked her better when she was dressed as a police woman.”  Because sometimes the thoughts in my head get bored and go for a stroll out through my mouth.

This album has completely changed my mind about her as a singer. It’s actually incredible. It’s not often I hear songs that I like straight away; it normally takes a few listens on repeat while I’m pretending to listen to my Dad on the phone when he’s asking when I’m thinking of getting a real job. But so many of hers I found myself wanting to sing along by the second verse. And by singing along, I mean get up on the stage and pretend the audience was there to see me in my unicorn jumper.

At the launch she played a selection of tracks from the new album. The title track The Thin Line sounded amazing and she really does have skills on the keyboard. My favourite was ‘Dance with the Devil’ because I loved the tune and it must be really satisfying to write a song about an ex. Jay Z must have been drunk at his time of writing because I can’t really think of 99 problems that don’t involve women.

‘House for your Broken Heart’ had a lovely story behind it; that her friend had come to her house after a breakup and felt it was a safe place. It’s always better to have loved and lost anyway, than to have sent them 41,000 drunk texts. I also liked her tribute to her wife Ellie, ‘I pick flowers’ which showed how much she loves her; and that maybe her extreme fans should stop sending her baskets of roses and cupcakes with her face on them, made with their tears.  Her big gay anthem ‘We can change’ will be sung in clubs for years to come; and really is something you’ll twirl to covered in glitter. A proper mix of everything and she’ll make you feel happy and sad about things you haven’t even been through.

I had an amazing night and I also spilled quite a bit of raspberry mojito accidently. Right down my throat. I met some lovely people too. Except for the man who asked why I had a rhino on my top. Before you criticize a woman’s outfit, count to 3 and then do seriously anything else before she sets you on fire.

Buy the album here; it’s gloriously majestic and you’ll get obsessed and start scrolling through videos of her on youtube too.

Flowers & Braids

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spotty shirt 2 spotty shirt 1spotty shirt 3

Topshop shirt
H&M Dress folded into a skirt because the skirt is lost in the floordrobe.
Topshop Lipstain in coral

Today London was really lovely and sunny and beautiful, so I stayed indoors.

Today has just been a work day. I’ve been busy planning the new night Unicorn Disco that’s launching this Friday so wanted to buy some disco balls and see if I could see any unicorns about on the streets of Dalston. I don’t think they like sun either. Had a few meetings about random social media things, and uncorked some lunch so the chat would be a lot more interesting.

I also attempted to do some ‘house chores’ that I’m not that great at. It’s not want to trip over piles of magazines, shoes, papers and shot glasses; but they just seem to accumulate and suddenly you’re wondering if you should be on an episode of hoarders. I put it all in the wardrobe. I don’t need to go in there again until we move.

I feel I’ve had a little too much caffeine today. When you drink so much of you’re pretty sure you can start to see noises. When I want to sound tough I add “and shit” to the end of my Starbucks order. And that apparently means quite a few shots more of espresso. The more of it I drank, the longer I could go without blinking. If I’d started calling blonde girls dandelion as well, I could consider a drastic career change.

I am aware of how white I look in these photos. And now that my flatmate has a tan I can’t really stand next to her or it looks like she’s taking part in ‘Ghost Hunters’ and hit the jackpot. I’m in a panda onesie now so everyone’s safe from the glare.

Frizz Be Gone

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030 031

hair e

I rarely find hair products I like but this is some good shit.

My hair is quite dry especially when I ombre it so I’ve been looking into hair masks recently. It’s not the best system because it doesn’t make for the sexiest look having greased up cream hair when your girlfriend is lying next to you. Nor do purple unicorn pyjamas but that’s more my call. it didn’t work for me when I had short hair so I’ve come back to it now. Like getting back with your ex but without the shame or crying out tears of vodka.

This actually works really well because it doesn’t make your hair impossible to style afterwards like a lot of products I’ve tried have done. When you’re trying to have a meeting with someone important and your hair keeps statically flying around like you’ve rubbed it with a balloon, it won’t make you look like someone trying to get their business off the ground, you will look like a toddler who’s hyped up on crayons.

To me this is best if you put a big blob on the top of your head and then pull it through with a large comb or your fingers. I then put a large bobble or a scrunchie in it, because they’re actually acceptable again now, and then sleep in it. It’s easy to wash out and you do start noticing a difference after a while. I use it around once a week and it makes my hair really shiny so I swirl around thinking I’m the black swan or in a shampoo advert or running though some sort of glorious meadow. And in the disgusting summer months where you feel like the world has been set on fire, it helps with the frizz. But not the one percent of germs, bacteria and frizz that no product has ever managed to defeat.

Following on…

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Tclub review

Everything has changed

So, basically, the reason this blog and Missfit have been on private for a while is because I’ve been trying to get my shit together and sort it all out. But blame the tequila for how long it’s taken. It’s hard to type when you’re throwing up in your pot plant.

So first things first; this blog has changed the most dramatically as it’s now more of a diary. And I chose the most vain name I could possibly find for it. Dot com just wasn’t enough clearly; it had to be all about me me me. I’ve started a lot of new and exciting projects recently; some of them for youtube and a lot of them to do with fashion and London. So it made sense to change everything over. Everything will still begin with F and I’ll still be failing at life. This will just be more me on the East London scene, what I’ve been drinking and fashiony bits. And there will be none of this new craze of jelly sandals involved. There are holes in them to let your dignity seep out.

Missfit; which is mine and Sandra’s company now has all the sex, the drinks, the interviews and many more of the funnies on it. I wanted to expand Missfit and get lots of other writers involved too and make it into a huge blog so I could keep my own one quite personal. You can’t really have a personal blog and then talk about sex. Because your next door neighbour does not need to know that the purple vibrator is too sharp and feels like a shark is eating you out. It’s just not a necessary thing to read over your morning weetabix.

So if you want the sex talk and the rest head over to Missfit in about a week when it launches and suscribe. Or stay here with my lifestyle, videos and as many mean girl quotes as I can find on tumblr.

E x